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BehavePlus estimates various fire behavior characteristics, such as spread rate, spotting distance, and many others, from fuel and environmental parameters. The results and their dependence on parameters are organized in tables, graphs, and diagrams. The computation is done at one point, there is no spatial component. The user enters the data in screens, there are no data files. It is a successor to the BEHAVE fire behavior and fuel model system, which run on handheld calculators. BehavePlus is in operational use by the United States Forest Service.


  • Binary download at
  • Release Notice: License not specifed. The release notice only says that "The license requires that a postcard depicting a scene of your local area be sent to: Systems for Environmental Management P.O. Box 8868 Missoula, MT 59801". Apparently in public domain as work of US Government.
  • Current version source appears not to be distributed.
  • Version 4.4 Fortran source available as self-extracting windows exe file


  • 1-800-253-5559

File format

  • Interactive.

Programming language and environments

  • Binary distributed for MS Windows
  • Current programming languages and libraries: unknown, previous version was Fortran.



National support desk



  • Comments in released source to version 4.4 credit Pat Andrews
  • See BehavePlus credits for further contributors

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