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The wiki does not take big files and certain types of files kindly, and git does not take big files well either, so we do not allow large files in our git repositories. Thus, it is necessary to store some data files elsewhere, and we have set up a CVS data repository for this purpose.

Accessing the repository

  • Get account on in group mandel and login by ssh at least once (you should change your password anyway).
  • Install cvs on your machine
  • In bash, type export
  • Type: cvs checkout openwfm_data
  • Type: cd openwfm_data

You can then use all CVS commands to add or replace files.

The web image of the repository and linking

The repository is exported to the web hourly. Wikicode like this

{{data|test|link to CVS data repository}}

will make a link to the data repository. Please use the data template as above and do not link by giving a URL directly, because the location of the web image may change.