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Please follow the same style and headings as the howtos already there.

  • Keep it simple. It's not the complete documentation, it's just a howto.
  • The howtos are sorted alphabetically without the leading "How to". This is achieved by linking to this category like this: [[Category:Howtos|Run WRF-Fire]].
  • Give complete, clear, specific step by step instructions to reproduce building the code and running it on a particular problem.
  • It is important that the instructions are self-contained so that they can be discussed on the wiki.
  • Do not refer to the documentation. The point of a Howto is to avoid reading the documentation!
  • Include links to the code and data repositores, and to the documentation.
  • Identify versions with which it all worked, such as git commit hash or Subversion tag for source codes, the date and some checksum (such as cksum, md5sum) for data files, and versions of the operating system, compilers, and libraries used.
  • Include some pictures and results.
  • Update the page as the codes and data change, but do not delete the information on past working versions.
  • Be bold. If you do not like the structure of the howtos (or anything else), go ahead to and change it, but then you should eventually change it consistently everywhere.