How to convert data for Geogrid

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This wiki page explains how to transform geotiff files to geogrid using convert_geotiff script in wrfxpy.

Get Anaconda3 distribution

Download and install the Python 3 Anaconda Python distribution for your platform. We recommend an installation into the user's home directory.

Install environment

Create the python environment:

 conda update -n base -c defaults conda
 conda create -n wrfx python=3 gdal netcdf4 pyproj paramiko dill h5py psutil proj4 pytz flask pandas
 conda activate wrfx
 conda install -c conda-forge simplekml pygrib f90nml pyhdf xmltodict basemap rasterio scipy
 pip install MesoPy python-cmr

Note that conda and pip are package managers available in the Anaconda Python distribution.

Get wrfxpy repository

Get repository wrfxpy and checkout to convert_geotiff branch. Shortly, it is going to be available in the master branch.

git clone
cd wrfxpy
git checkout convert_geotiff


Run the code to generate geogrid from geotiff files. Run the following line for each variable to process.

./ geotiff_file geo_data_path wrf_variable_name [bbox]


  • geotiff_file - path to a geotiff file to be converted to geogrid
  • geo_data_path - any path where to save all the variables
  • wrf_variable - WRF variable created on src/geo/
  • bbox - optional, bounding box to sample the original geotiff file from, using WGS84 coordinates. Format: min_lon,max_lon,min_lat,max_lat

If you want to know more information and the existing options for wrf_variable, run ./ without inputs


Some examples:

./ elevation.tif geo_data ZSF
./ fuel.tif geo_data NFUEL_CAT
./ fuel.tif geo_data NFUEL_CAT -112.8115,-112.1661,39.4820,39.9750

Results from

The script will generate a folder specified by the user by geo_data_path with

  • Variable folders: A folder for each variable previously run (ZSF and NFUEL_CAT folders) containing:
    • a geogrid file of the variable.
    • an index file of the variable.
  • geogrid_tbl.json: A JSON file with all the geogrid information for each variable.
  • GEOGRID.TBL: A text file with the information to add to GEOGRID.TBL (depends on src/geo/, so only copy what you need).
  • index.json: A JSON file with index information for each variable.