Large Eddy Simulation (LES)

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The University of Utah Large Eddy Simulation (UU LES) code combines the LES code by Zulauf (2001) with a form of the tracer code for fire spread from CAWFE.


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  • University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Department of Meteorolog

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  • Ruiyu Sun, Steven K. Krueger, Mary Ann Jenkins, Michael A. Zulauf, Joseph J. Charney, The importance of fire–atmosphere coupling and boundary-layer turbulence to wildfire spread, International Journal of Wildland Fire 18, 50--60, 2009. fulltext
  • Zulauf, Michael A., Modeling the effects of boundary layer circulations generated by cumulus convection and leads on large-scale surface fluxes, PhD Thesis, University of Utah. pdf


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