WRF-SFIRE fuel moisture model commits

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List of the commits

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f8193dad36 2011-09-25 adding moisture variables

5a6c4b8c06 2011-09-26 21:55:09 using variable fuel moisture in fmc_g tag fmc-1

  • also brings fuel_time inside fp derived time because it is needed in heat_flux - but is that right, how can the fuel loading in the data change with fuel moisture??
  • cherry-picked on WRF branch develop as {{wrf-fire-merge-commit|132444f0db67|}

c77c36fea6 2012-02-13 adding moisture model tag fmc-2

75108761b9 2012-02-24 06:56:34 added subroutines fuel_moisture and advance_moisture

fa7d4b9af5 2012-02-24 minor fix, adding registry entries for moisure HALOs and cleanup

6124178952 2012-02-24 connecting the moisture model subroutines through the driver to WRF

3648f9f645 2012-02-24 renamed halos but not helping

782ca99c9a 2012-02-25 fixing unresolved symbols

77a58a7439 2012-02-25 moisture model runnin on th hill test case

c353917d63 2012-02-25 21:38:33 adding moisture to namelist.fire

caebced31c 2012-02-25 reading moisture tables from namelist

06901474d0 2012-02-26 wrapping up: conditional call to moisture model, checking number of classes

6eccbe02c9 2012-02-26 adding moisture model time control with large time step, similar to module_radiation_driver.F

2746d425bc 2012-02-26 changing dimspec of fuel moisture to get around registry bug

7dd57cc733 2012-02-26 adding prints of moisture timelag classes

2746d425bc 2012-02-26 changing dimspec of fuel moisture to get around registry bug

d0b6d5e9c3 2012-02-28 fixing, redoing logic when to run the moisture model

594a473ee4 2012-03-01 adding moisture equilibrium and tendency diagnostic variables

3c4357a733 2012-03-02 moisture model doing something & changing numbers

fe374d1ba2 2012-03-04 compatibility with extsting runs w/o moisture

e9a5ede719 2012-03-05 adding standalone moisture code

763044cd62 2012-03-10 Taylor/exp ode method, level 3 debug prints, better example in moisture_test

d7408eaf04 2012-08-15 making sure can take init moisture from wrfinput

6f1d09accf 2012-08-18 getting rid of useless init_equi_mult in moisture

a4936d5415 2012-08-18 replacing fmoist_init in namelist.input by fmc_gc_initialization in namelist.fire

tag wrf-fire-track/prep-fmc-merge-tag

cherry-picked 8547c61a39 2016-05-16 Corrected descriptions and units of the fuel moisture model variables in registry.fire to create

as 3a1ebfb9c92f89a tag wrf-fire-track/for-fmc-merge use as 1st arg of opendiff

merged as 204af74b2b113457daf2 merged phys/module_fr_fire_phys.F from wrf-fire repo to WRF4

21ca56de9d 2012-08-28 adding moisture spread rate diagnostics

bce8561325 2012-08-29 fixing fuel diagnostics to account for wind reduction factors and for moisture

3d4e642d78 2012-09-26 added diagnostics for ros>0 when moisture > extinction

49ab03c24e 2012-09-26 some more diagnostics to check on extinction moisture

eeec3184a6 2012-09-29 crash if conflicting fire_fmc_set and fmoist_interm also added init_fuel_moisture argument to init_fuel_cats

35916e62cf 2014-03-07 added fuel moisture extended parameters to registry.fire

92930c8c80 2014-03-09 added dependence on fuel moisture extended model assimilated differences to equilibria to moisture model (var fmep), added logic to decay the assimilated differences via (fmep_decay_tlag)

254a102c8a 2015-07-05 adding update of live fuel moisture by ndwi also fix def of fmc_gw

a4717eb992 2015-07-11 added prints of the NDWI-related fuel parameters

d363deaed4 2015-07-11 debugging NDWI test problem

5208a3929a 2015-07-16 fixing missing broadcast of fuel parameters

05a8b8c3d4 2016-11-19 consolidated ros warning messages


861617b5bf 2011-10-25

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