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  • Each page should have at least one category so that one can navigate to it from the list of contents.
  • A page should not be in a category and its subcategory at the same time.
  • Category:Contents is the top level category; use it sparingly.
  • The code [[Category:X]] will not create a visible link at the place where it is in the text, but it will place the page into the category X instead.
  • For every page Category:X, we have also the page List of X or List of X pages, containing only the line #redirect[[Category:X]]
  • When you want to link to Category:X, link to the corresponding List of X or List of X pages instead.
  • To make a page appear in the category listing in an alphabetical order given by another string Y rather than its name X, use the code [[Category:X|Y]]. This is the scheme used in Category:Howtos, see Help:Howtos.